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Multiple Japanese paper types test prints

Well I am about to start work on a new project and need some more Japanese paper. Laurences do a really nice sampler with about 20 or so different Japanese papers. To see how they worked with print, I created these little fun pieces. They are all pretty small, about A7. Some lovely papers.


Viscosity Printing – Dust to Dust

Here are some more mono print exploring viscosity techniques. The technique allows the artist to build up various layers of colour on the plate without them mixing with one another.  This is part of a new series I am working on which is very personal to me.


Getting back into Oils


Well its been a long time coming but I have finally got back into oil painting. Part of the reason for the delay has been a confidence issue, I have become so accustomed to the results I get from the other mediums I use.  Well almost 20 years later I have started again, got myself a second studio, which is a dirty work space and started oil painting again.

Not sure if I am any good but I totally loved the process, and it was great working at a large scale, the canvases are all really big – 100cm by 150cm.

Here are some photos of my first piece which I am still working on. Whats pretty cool about these images is as I started taking the photos, a shadow appeared on the piece in the shape of a cross – very spiritual. :-) I’m thinking about painting it in.


More Mono Prints

Super Size

Well I have been working on some more mono prints for the exhibition in April. I had really mixed results, sometimes it just doesn’t come together. Out of the four images I created I quite liked these two which were created with the additive technique  – Check em out.